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Meet our Senior Solutions Team

Chanse Powell

I was born and raised in Rexburg, Idaho and have lived in Eastern Idaho for all but 2 years of my life. I met my beautiful wife at BYU-Idaho and we have been married for over 6 years now. We were blessed with a wonderful, fun, happy, energetic boy Hudson who was born over 2 years ago. While at BYU-Idaho I earned a degree in Healthcare Administration and have spent my entire career in Senior Care. I have served in a variety of positions from Caregiver to becoming a Licensed Nursing Home & Assisted Living Administrator. All these opportunities solidified my love for Seniors and my passion for educating Seniors and their families. 

In my professional career I noticed that most families and Seniors were not properly prepared or educated enough to navigate the complex, frustrating and stressful maze of Senior Care. I decided that I wanted to do something to alleviate this problem and so I started “Senior Solutions” in May of 2018.  

As a “Senior Care Advisor” I educate families and Seniors on all the Senior resources, options and programs that exist in Eastern Idaho. I seek to be a one stop resource for Senior information and have helped hundreds of families navigate their Senior Care journey. People don’t have to walk this journey alone. My desire is to make people’s lives easier and ensure they are equipped with the right information to make the best decision for their loved one.

Wylie Powell

Wylie was a wonderful man that passed away on 1/21/2020. He was born 3/4/1949 and lived a full and rich life. He loved his family, his faith, the outdoors and serving people. Wylie led a very successful life as a Banker and leader in the community. He touched and blessed many people’s lives. 

Wylie had a heart of gold, an iron will, and a deep concern for those who were downtrodden and forgotten. His great personality and concern for others made Wylie a valuable member of the Senior Solutions team.

As the father of Chanse he helped his son start and grow the business. He took great pride in being “the token senior”, helping the business grow, and providing the enthusiasm and encouragement to help Chanse continue to push forward.

Although we deeply miss Wylie, we are determined to honor his legacy and continue to help the downtrodden and forgotten. We hope to model his great example and bless the lives of others like he blessed others. We love you Wylie, we will never forget you.

Brenda Stewart

Brenda was born and raised in Idaho.

She met her husband, Curt, while attending Idaho State and they’ve been married for 43 year. 

Brenda has a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a minor in Business. 

She has a 200-hour yoga teacher certificate and currently teaches yoga for Idaho Falls Parks & Recreation and at the Idaho Falls Family YMCA

Brenda spends her free time sewing, crafting and reading. She also volunteers with United Way and the Eastern Idaho Visitors Center. 

Brenda and her husband enjoy hiking, cycling, cross country skiing and long distance walk or bike rides – especially in Europe.

Ron Poole

Ron has spent his career t in sales and marketing. He has lived in Southeast Idaho since 2000 and has been married for 23 years.  

Ron’s family is by far the most important thing to him. “I quite frankly cannot imagine life without them.”

Ron loves the outdoors and has a passion for hunting and fishing. Since retiring, he has had the privilege of working with the Fish and Game teaching hunters education and working with the kids on gun safety and the shooting sports. He has also been honored with the privilege of working with the Friends of the NRA and serving on the Henry’s Fork chapter board.

Barb Millard

Stan Millard

Ron Ulbrich

Ron has lived in Idaho with his wife Suzanne and youngest son Christian for 6 years. He loves the people and the beauty of the area. Ron is semi-retired and continues to work in the radiation safety field through his consulting and other business interests.

Ron believes happiness in retirement depends upon good financial health, physical health, and spiritual health. He is working with his church and area experts to conduct free monthly workshops for those interested in being better prepared for retirement. The workshops can also help improve circumstances for those already retired.

Ron and Suzanne have been married for 45 years, have 7 children and 15 grandchildren.

Ron enjoys aviation, fishing, and is presently working on his family genealogy.

Marilee Shanor

Helen Stanton

Helen Stanton was born in Tennessee and raised in Florida. She worked, studied and married in Virginia and had both of her sons, Ralph and Jack, there, too. After returning to Florida Helen worked for Dade County Parks and Recreation. She received an Associates degree in Art and Recreation from Miami Dade Jr. College. 

Helen moved to Idaho after the Teton Dam broke in 1976 and her husband was called to build and repair power lines. 

She worked with School District 91 for 7 years and received her BFA from Idaho State University and started an MA in Anthropology, Art, Museum Display and History. 

Helen has worked with many adults and children within the community. She has worked with the Special Olympics, taught art skills for Youth at Risk, taught ceramics, worked as Ombudsman Volunteer Coordinator for 9 years through EICAP and now raises money through the Adopt A Senior Program for Meals on Wheels.

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